You have arrived at the home of Ecstatic Expression Studios. I, Jimmy Canali am the business leader, artist and creative producer here at EE Studios. My first mission is to invite you to believe that you can make a difference, that you are creative, and that you have a voice that matters.

I do this through a variety of artistic & creative projects as well as speaking, teaching, encouraging through community workshops, speaking events and seminars. These are in-depth times full of new perspectives, and activities that engage communities to think, create and take action. I partner with a diverse network of leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the world to run these events and have an extensive leadership and public speaking resume. View LinkedIn page to see experience.

What’s New in 2015?

Coffee Hub In this new segment with EE Studios, I will be introducing the online and local communities to the story and tastes of coffee. A lot of what I am initiating here is a learning journey and inviting you to come along side me as we learn and share together.

Leadership Paradigms – This is going to be a new section of EE blog articles that will nurture, challenge and encourage those willing to become great leaders. I will share about my journey as a growing leader, the mistakes, the challenges, the successes.  With the intention to facilitate leaders to be part of fueling the joy of building great teams in the marketplace.


Read through the blogs, and interact with the initiatives. It starts here on the blogs, but will roll out into creative and entrepreneurial meet ups around the world!  I look forward to gathering together to dream, express, and take action.

I encourage you to reach out about your exciting, creative and business projects, I am always looking to collaborate and would love to know more about what your doing.



Recent Posts

“Coro De Vita” Doodle

skull doodles

It’s been a great season of left brain, analytic work in the marketplace, as I grow and expand as a entrepreneur and learn new skills. So when I have time off I try to take time to train my brain to move between both the left and right side, as I do, my hope is to make good art at a moments notice, or near enough.

Today I took a walk to the local whole foods, grabbed a breakfast burrito, played some peaceful Indie Ambient music, read a Red Hood and Arsenal Comic and started browsing google images and off I went to do some crazy doodle, what I call “Croodles!”

skull doodles

The tools of my creative work


My Favorite sketch song of the day came from Lotte.  https://lottekestner.bandcamp.com


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