You have arrived at the home of Ecsta­tic Expres­sion Stu­dios. I, Jimmy Canali am the artist and cre­ative pro­ducer. I want to invite you to believe that you are infi­nitely cre­ative. In fact, that’s what Ecsta­tic Expression’s heart beat is, to take peo­ple into an expres­sive and ecsta­tic expe­ri­ence of who they really are.

I do this through a vari­ety of artis­tic & cre­ative projects as well as com­mu­nity events.

What’s New?

A new change is com­ing to EE web­site gal­leries and blog this fall and win­ter. I am going to be rolling out a new for­mat of blog­ging and post­ing art and pro­vok­ing peo­ple to think out­side of their cul­ture box and cir­cum­vent the lim­i­ta­tions that sur­round them.


This site is a home for your cre­ativ­ity to be expressed, for you to find your voice, and to meet with peo­ple and be inspired! Read through the blogs, and inter­act with the ini­tia­tives. It starts here on the blogs, but will roll out into cre­ative meet ups around the world, where cre­atives can come together to express.

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Recent Posts

Productive Anger: Reclaiming Our Super Power

This is a short blog on anger.


What images come to mind when you think of anger?

Do you think of violence?

Peo­ple hurt­ing one another?

Uncon­trolled emotion?

What if anger was heal­ing? or led to healing?

What if anger was pos­i­tive? and Constructive?

What if it was divine?


Our anger is often con­fused and stored in our body, our mind, our emo­tions, and it’s kept a pris­oner.  I find that anger is the fuel of many inspi­ra­tional peo­ple, peo­ple with a war­rior and fighter spirit in them, they use anger to find peace and it pro­pels them deeper into their purpose.


Anger is com­mon in all humans: wicked, mean, vio­lent, nice, peace­ful, help­ful peo­ple all have felt anger. Anger is stereo­typ­i­cally con­sid­ered an evil sin in our west­ern, white chris­t­ian cul­ture, and in the east it is sim­ply detached from for some higher ele­vated spir­i­tual emotion.


What do you think one should do with anger?


When I think of rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies (Albert Ein­stein, William Wal­lace, Rosa Parks, MLK Jr, Gandhi, Jesus) , imag­i­na­tive, cul­tural, sci­en­tific and spir­i­tual peo­ple I think that they all had a deep anger against an injus­tice. This anger towards injus­tice gave their call­ing an edge. Too often we seek enlight­en­ment on our call­ing and des­tiny in some spir­i­tual rev­e­la­tion but what makes you angry can very well point to your path and battlefield.


Learn­ing to cir­cum­vent sit­u­a­tions that are hos­tile or in the midst of a cul­ture of chaos that fuels anger to take con­trol of our emo­tions can be very chal­leng­ing. Find­ing peace and joy admisdt trou­bling times should not be looked down upon, at the same time, let­ting anger come through us is very impor­tant to our over­com­ing adver­sity and bring­ing a con­tri­bu­tion to our world.


What makes you angry? — com­ment below…


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