You have arrived at the home of Ecsta­tic Expres­sion Stu­dios. I, Jimmy Canali am the busi­ness leader, artist and cre­ative pro­ducer here at EE Stu­dios. My first mis­sion is to invite you to believe that you can make a dif­fer­ence, that you are cre­ative, and that you have a voice that matters.

I do this through a vari­ety of artis­tic & cre­ative projects as well as speak­ing, teach­ing, encour­ag­ing through com­mu­nity work­shops, speak­ing events and sem­i­nars. These are in-depth times full of new per­spec­tives, and activ­i­ties that engage com­mu­ni­ties to think, cre­ate and take action. I part­ner with a diverse net­work of lead­ers, and entre­pre­neurs from around the world to run these events and have an exten­sive lead­er­ship and pub­lic speak­ing resume. View LinkedIn page to see experience.

What’s New in 2015?

Cof­fee Hub In this new seg­ment with EE Stu­dios, I will be intro­duc­ing the online and local com­mu­ni­ties to the story and tastes of cof­fee. A lot of what I am ini­ti­at­ing here is a learn­ing jour­ney and invit­ing you to come along side me as we learn and share together.

Lead­er­ship Par­a­digms – This is going to be a new sec­tion of EE blog arti­cles that will nur­ture, chal­lenge and encour­age those will­ing to become great lead­ers. I will share about my jour­ney as a grow­ing leader, the mis­takes, the chal­lenges, the suc­cesses.  With the inten­tion to facil­i­tate lead­ers to be part of fuel­ing the joy of build­ing great teams in the marketplace.


Read through the blogs, and inter­act with the ini­tia­tives. It starts here on the blogs, but will roll out into cre­ative and entre­pre­neur­ial meet ups around the world!  I look for­ward to gath­er­ing together to dream, express, and take action.

I encour­age you to reach out about your excit­ing, cre­ative and busi­ness projects, I am always look­ing to col­lab­o­rate and would love to know more about what your doing.



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Weaving Principles Together — Leadership Quip 04

calvin and hobbs sketch

The power of prin­ci­ples explodes expo­nen­tially when you are weav­ing mul­ti­ple prin­ci­ples together.’

Con­sider the above state­ment as you read my lead­er­ship quip.  In this arti­cle I reflect on my first year launch­ing my art design, event, and video pro­duc­tion com­pany.  It was 2012 and I was cre­at­ing art daily. I was paint­ing mul­ti­ple pieces of art a day on aver­age and I was start­ing to get a name for myself in my local com­mu­nity and abroad.  I was a free­lancer expres­sion artist.  By that I mean I did the tech­ni­cal work for hire, I began to cre­ate web designs, shoot pho­tog­ra­phy, and run video pro­duc­tion.  I was learn­ing at an accel­er­ated rate by glean­ing from oth­ers, by talk­ing with other more expe­ri­enced artists, pho­tog­ra­phers, and video­g­ra­phers in the field and edu­cat­ing myself on basic web design and Final Cut Pro X edit­ing on www.Lynda.com (a resource I highly rec­om­mend for tech and busi­ness classes, @25$/Month for unlim­ited access it’s a great deal).

The prin­ci­ples that made me suc­cess­ful as a start up artist, were really just the raw mate­ri­als in front of me at the time.

Those raw mate­ri­als were found in three areas:

  • Emo­tional Energy — It had been a life­time dor­mant dream to be a cre­ative artist and I was finally not only pur­su­ing the dream but also doing the work. I found a near lim­it­less high expres­sion energy that would come forth when paint­ing.  *The prin­ci­ple of pas­sion needs to be mar­ried with pro­duc­tion and then pur­pose to find it’s full potential.
  • Production/Finishing Projects – I pro­duced some­thing daily whether a paint­ing, a blog, an event, a teach­ing, a cre­ative audio, video pro­duc­tion, pho­tos, I was pro­lific, I made some­thing, I took action and those prod­ucts sooner or later would ship, sell, be given as gifts or find place at a venue for dis­play (mar­ket­ing). The law of move­ment, action, and aver­ages were all in my favor, or I was in theirs. I put what I had in my hands to work. This is a prin­ci­ple we can all use all the time.  *Another way to see this is by tak­ing your pro­duc­tion on a project or art piece to it’s conclusion.
  • Rela­tion­ships — I had built com­mu­nity in diverse areas for the past seven years work­ing on event ranches in the Col­orado Rock­ies, guid­ing back pack­ing trips, vol­un­teer­ing in Den­ver for dif­fer­ent orga­ni­za­tions, and spend­ing extended time invest­ing in com­mu­ni­ties of peo­ple across the USA and Canada in cre­ative ways. These rela­tion­ships were the accel­er­a­tor to my momen­tum in the inau­gural year of run­ning what I was call­ing Ecsta­tic Expres­sion Stu­dios and Canali Stu­dios. *The prin­ci­ples of rela­tion­ships are mul­ti­fac­eted, occa­sion­ally sea­sonal, but when used can cre­ate explo­sive dynam­ics for prod­ucts and pur­poses that one can­not achieve on their own.

The lethal combo of pas­sion, pro­duc­tion and peo­ple were all part of my suc­cess as an free­lance cre­ative pro­ducer in 2012.

The prin­ci­ples you apply to work might change from one set­ting to another. Learn to adapt to the land­scape and the con­text of which you work in and must cir­cum­vent prob­lems in.

Feel free to write in the com­ment sec­tion what prin­ci­ples you live out of in your cur­rent work and life setting.

The expres­sion art cen­ter of my 2012 works and energy was right here at www.EcstaticExpression.org.  This is still a active part of who I am as a entre­pre­neur and artist, but there is now more to that story as I have expanded my skill set and busi­ness acu­men the past cou­ple years in Star­bucks and other endeav­ors.  More to come on that in future writings.

Dia­logue over lead­er­ship issues and con­nect with Jimmy at LinkedIn.com.

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