The idea of dominion started with the b2e mentoring, and one that has been fostered by b2e and arthur burk teachings.


When I think of dominion in the garden of eden, my imagination takes over, and I see Adam and Eve and the vastness of their spirits, and the authority of their voices.


I imagine the cool of the day and two friends walking together with God.


I see Adam being able to move by desire and belief throughout the world of Eden. I imagine the laughter God and his children had together.


When I think of dominion in the garden I think of a creative and God sustained eco-system. I imagine everything gave and received from each other. I imagined everything in the realm and heaven and earth interacted at an unparalleled level, in fact I wonder if there was such dominion that the very place of Eden was a dimension of it’s own?


But then I wonder how much Adam and Eve actually accessed of themselves, each other and God? I wonder what authority they really accessed? Which to me means they had a lot of dominion and their poor stewardship of it, e.g taking the fruit, led to their being exiled. As burk mentioned in the video on birthrights with adam and eve, they didn’t manage pain well, they became one dimensional in a world that was multi-dimensions. Maybe they had explored certain dimensions of the land and nature but they didn’t access their resources when tempted by the devil.


Now if dominion is having authority over a sphere of influence, a certain realm. Then that means there are boundaries that need to be defined over what one has dominion over. I think it’s important to understand this from the garden perspective as well as our modern one. We have limits and within those limits we have great authority.


I think this brings the idea of domination vs. dominion.


Something I want us to talk about as the chat in a couple of minutes.

Domination, the idea of taking control of someone and asserting your ideas, beliefs, power over someone, then dominion being the influence and control you do have in a certain area, it’s not an act as much as it is a truth of what is.


Dominion I believe can be given, but to truly steward any realm, including yourself you have to understand principles of ruling, management, and the kingdom.


Dwelling on the idea of dominion in our day, I wonder if we are not far away from the same mandate Adam and Eve had? “Take the garden and extend its boundaries”, I imagine they did this through action, blessing of presence, who knows, maybe a well cooked meal brought to the un-garden part of the world? I think this is what we have to work with today. What has God designed in us to steward and have dominion in? How can we take the pleasure of this out to the world around us?


  • What did dominion look like in the Garden?


  • (What Did God Intend?)


  • What’s it look like to have dominion today?


  • Generations and Dominion (Design)

  • Time, Relationships, Creative, Business, Family

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