The Wine Cellar of Education

The Cork has been popped!!! Enjoying yourself?! Come on in and drink and taste of the rich inebriating flavors.The Wine Cellar is a place of redefining our language and culture. What’s appropriate and reverent are a lot different to God than what is seen in culture today. So let’s start with a wine cellar of education? This is one of the many ecstatic terms that defines our union with Christ. A wine cellar has a parabolic representation of the intoxicating goodness of His presence. If you think this is good, keep going, we have just begun!

a symbol with a pirate, saying Take it Back!, representing taking back what is in darkness for the kingdom of light.

This is a growing lexicon of terms we have lost and need to re-define, with an ecstatic and grace filled lens. Now why would we need to re-define words that have been in our language for so long? Our language has been diluted and polluted of its richness and expression. Imagine the Creator, making all of creation with the words of His mouth. Then placing on mankind the same ability to create with words. It’s time we take back the treasures of language and rid ourselves of boring religious talk.

I invite you only to proceed when you’re ready to walk the plank of what is comfortable and known, and plunge into mysterious waters.

Mystic? Mystic is a term often said to label the radical or spiritual people. However mystic union is a term used to represent what Christ has done in all of his kids. He has unified them to himself without the aesthetic or moral effort of that individual. A mystic is simply a believer in what Christ has done. Believing that revelation, however, can get you into a lot of trouble. Throughout history there have been individuals who float off the ground, command storms to seize, glow supernaturally and burn with the divine wild fire of love. A fire causing them to do the unthinkable and the most supernatural of things.

knights of the round tableHonor! Honor is essential! It’s a foundation block for us to build on. Part of honor is to lay aside our arguments and really listen and learn from those around us. When we honor we enjoy each others differences and relish each others hearts. Honor grasps the concept that we don’t have it all figured out. Honor is an important concept because when we embrace it we will honor ourselves and never sway from what we know is the most true thing, however honor will never let us build walls out of those truths when we need to build bridges! For more on this read Honor is Essential: Body Posture and Honoring Differences.

Ecstasy? Ecstasy is known in Christian and Jewish scripture as ecstasis, meaning a state of bliss and rapture. This trance realm is first seen as the reality mankind lived in at the dawn of creation. For they were put in the Garden of Eden and Eden literally means pleasure! Wowzer! This realm of ecstasy is promised again, in the book of Genesis when,

The Eternal said to Abram, I will make a great nation of you and bless you and make you famous for your bliss…till all the nations of the world seek bliss such as yours.

(James Moffatt Translation)

This ancient promise finds fulfillment in the Creator’s Son. Christ has literally become a wine cellar of bliss, pleasure, inexhaustible and intoxicating goodness. This may sound mystical, but it’s the most normal thing–it’s where creation began!

What do the scholars say? Scholars like Danker, Bauer, Ardnt and Gingrich state that ecstasis is: 1) a state of consideration or profound emotional experience to the point of being beside oneself; ‘amazement’ ‘astonishment,’ i.e. Mk. 5:42, Lk. 5:26, Mk. 16:8, Acts 3:10. 2) a state of being in which consciousness is wholly or partially suspended, frequently associated with divine action: ‘trance’ ‘ecstasy’ i.e. Acts 22:17, 10:10, 11:5.

Overwhelmed yet? Lean back, take a deep breath, and realize you are unified in an ecstatic reality with your Maker!

Grace? Grace in Christian and Jewish scripture is defined as the divine influence upon the heart, which means we are coming under the influence of a superior reality when we become aware of grace.

What is Grace? Grace is the substance of Christ our creator. Grace transplanted us from the grave of death into a garden of life. We have been completely moved from death to life in Christ.

“So Tell Me ‘Bout them Grace Jugs?” The Grace Jars are a meditation project where we are actively reminding ourselves of the Creator’s heart for us. As we drink the substance in the jar, we are letting Christ overwhelm us with the realness of who God is. Each individual grace jar tells a story, releases a texture, a visual of God’s dynamic and simple grace.

Seer? A seer is someone who gazes into the beauty of Christ in the unseen realm. History and our generation are full of seers. There are many dimensions of seeing in the unseen realm, divinely inspired thoughts, dreams, visions, out of body experiences, trances, etc. We all have been given access to gaze into our Creator, our Daddy’s eyes. That’s the whole point, to see Him looking at you!

Chazown Symbol on 64 ounce glass Grace JarChazown? (khä·zōn’) A Hebraic word for vision and its symbol is a spiral. However simple this spiral symbol may look, it has some depth in its meaning. It represents not just a vision but having a vision in an ecstatic state, having a vision in the night or receiving an oracle, prophecy or divine communication. This comes from the root word chazah (khä·zä) meaning to see (by experience), perceive, look, behold, prophesy, to provide, to see with the intelligence, and to see as a seer in an ecstatic state.

This symbol was also seen in Celtic culture, with three spirals interlocking, representing the three in one God. As well, this symbol shows the movement of the sun in a nine month period representing fertility and the fruit of the womb.

A Chazown is also the icon used as a signature for Ecstatic Expression Studios.

(Thank you David Reese for bringing the revelation of this spiral that I (Jimmy) was doodling in my journal).

Christ on the Cross is the source of all of our creativity and the source of our fulfillment as ecstatic expressionists. Embracing Christ crucified is a going to take you into the rich emotions of God himself towards humanity. Embracing this reality you will experience the joy, the a wild bliss of your union and connection with Christ in all of life’s suffering, and the holiness of a man who walked in God’s Kingdom reality here on earth. This was a violent event! It’s here heaven truly invaded earth and hell. It’s here the Spirit poured himself out of Christ Himself!

Weird is another phrase we need to re-define. Often used as a flippant or ignorant accusation but the actual definition means, ‘involving the supernatural.’

Fear of God? The Fear of God has been greatly misunderstood by the church and it’s time we take it back. What I want to say here is that this is a governing aspect of God’s Spirit, and it’s an ecstatic state we need to embrace. I pray that we would be so wrapped up in His Love we wouldn’t step outside it. That we would honor God above all else, and love people with the heart of the Creator. Thats the Fear of God.

Psalm 19:9 holds a holy truth for you and me, “The Fear of God is clean and enduring forever.” We need to embrace this as ecstatics. It should be our joy to walk with the Fear of God. (Thanks Justin Abraham and those part of the Company of Burning Hearts community in Wales. The podcasts, the messages, they’ve called us all to walk with this in our lives. Your words are all so valuable, and they are awakening our hearts to the truest thing).

Holy? Here is a word defiled by the “pious,” “religious,” and the “hyper-spiritual.” Holiness is not about our effort. It’s about His. Holiness should be seen in the wine of Christ’s love for you and me. His great pleasure for us is Holy! The ecstatic reality of His Presence is Holy! You are Holy! How can you be anything less? Your actions actually don’t dictate your holiness, this isn’t something that comes and goes. God’s loving words declare you are holy, therefore you are.

Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Forerunners, Pioneers. Pathfinders are those that answer the call to set out into the unknown and make a discovery. Others might say trailblazers, or entrepreneurs. They all point to a desire put in someone to set a new standard and stretch the bounds of what we call normal. A quote from Mark McGuinness, author of the website, “Originally the word Pathfinder meant an explorer – a pioneer spirit who was first to set foot in virgin territory, making the first discoveries and drawing the first maps. A trailblazer who was fascinated by the unknown. More recently, the name Pathfinder has been given to those who make new discoveries and extend the limits of human knowledge and endeavour, in the arts, sciences or other fields. They are the curious ones, who can’t help tinkering with new ideas and experiments, just to see what might happen.”

Gapers! A term used to describe those lost in the ecstatic realms of God’s love. Gapers are seen wherever the Creator’s love falls so heavy that people’s bodies become immobile and their lips begin to part, their heads tilt back, their mouths lose all function of speech as their capacities become fully inebriated by His Love. All they know is that they are in God and God is in them. Now that should start to trance anyone out who dwells on it! (Thank you John Crowder for introducing so much of this language and championing all of us on into this ecstatic realm of the gospel!)


Welcome All Space Cadets!
Space Cadet







Space Cadets! Initially space cadet wasn’t a positive comment, describing those with their head in the clouds. Time we take back those airways and the term! Sign this company of people up for their space suits!

Intoxicated-Inebriated-Drunk-Hammered-Sloshed-Whacked-Bing-Bong! This is ecstatic verbiage for declaring Christ is in me! And we definitely need to take this ecstatic speech back. How healing will it be for our hearts to think, meditate, and rely on Christ for our pleasure?! We settle for so much less than what is available in Christ. Being whacked in Christ isn’t for the spiritually elite or weirdos. It’s so you can walk through your day with a smile on your face and not be overcome by the weight of everything. Believing and living like this is not putting your head in the sand. It’s making a stand to be joyful, knowing that it is a way bigger influence than the emotions of defeat, despair, and depression ever could offer. Yes, hard things happen, and emotions have their place, but our superior and constant reality should be the inebriated state of living loved by God.

Take A Drink! and Meditate on this reality, Christ the spiritual wine cellar inside you! Click to Enlarge the Wine Cellar!

photo of a wine cellar

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