A poetic response to Ransomed

a painting of holy spirit freeing a believer!

Ransomed by Jimmy Canali

A response to this art piece from Teresa Jolly (Salisbury, England):



Our journey so deep and precious, awesome God never let me go. He leads me hand in hand closer to his heart every step I take.

Smashing through the darkness I cannot be held down. He tries to destroy me, to see me crushed but my God won’t let him!

He seeks to stop me to kill my spirit but he cannot find me as I am hidden in the shadow of the almighty!

I see my Jesus and with every heartbeat I draw closer to my Father God. Before me is a beautiful white path, I know when I cross it my precious saviour will be waiting for me.

His spirit stands besides me prompting me to cross the path. I am surrounded by groaning enemies who still want to see me defeated at any cost. I can hear them hurling accusations, old fears and confusion at me, their pointing fingers are all around me.

Then in my ear I hear the beautiful whisper of my Father saying…..Come and meet me face to face, the time has come my warrior princess. You are mine and I am yours, my precious mysteries await you.

I knew my saviour awaited me, with the fire of God and the freedom of heaven I didn’t look behind me I just laughed from the depths of my soul!

There was a tremendous echo across the whole earth. The echo vibrated into every fibre of the nation! It represented freedom fire, glory and victory. The race had been run with tears, travail, strength, wildness and victory!

I knew he had accomplished everything he set out to do. As close as I came many times I was not destroyed. I said to my Father “I am coming” and with each step along the beautiful white path came accomplishment and power!

by Teresa Jolly

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