A Poetic Response to Star Gazing

a expressive painting of God and creation gazing into the night sky.

Star Gazing a ecstatic expression by Jimmy Canali

A response to this art piece from Teresa Jolly (Sal­is­bury, England):

Star Gazing –

My beautiful Jesus what an amazing night! The stars shine so bright each one a mystery of your presence.

The sky is so rich, a blanket of your glory hovering over us as we dance! Your freedom is precious, with you I can dance with no cares.

You take my hand and lead me, each step bringing us even closer together. Just me and you Jesus nothing else but your heavy glory.

To me you are so gentle and kind. You teach me to dance with such patience and love. I come before you completely undignified losing everything to gain more of you.

Thank you for this amazing dance, the fun we have and your wild spirit. Thank you that our pursuit will last for eternity! It’s beautifully deep and special. You are my destiny.

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