Exploring the Secret Place

a painting expressing the secret place we have with christ

Exploring the Secret Place a worship experience art piece by Jimmy Canali

 A response to this art piece from Teresa Jolly (Salisbury, England):

Exploring The Secret Place –

My great God your creation is awesome, your Spirit explosive! What immense creativity to behold all around us.

You blow the human mind to pieces with your art. It’s glorious and powerful.

I stand breathless at the sheer beauty you have created seen and unseen.

You are huge, my mind cannot comprehend such awesome wonder! You are the Creator of all colour, shape, texture and life.

You spoke and everything was. You are mighty, there is nothing outside of you. You are all consuming and completely surrounding. Everything you have created is inside of your spoken word!

Nothing exists outside of your presence and glory. There is no God besides you, this entire planet sits before you under your watchful eye. We cannot go outside of your being!

You surround us with your mysteries that dance around us everyday. The exploration of the wildness of our Creator blows all over us! It weaves in and out of us calling us to seek our God and his creative being.

He is calling us to abide in the secret place of the most high. The secret place is a realm of mystery, discovery, colour and beauty. It’s poetic and diverse!

There is no limit, for his beauty and fire extends for eternity.

He wants to blow our minds with every step along the journey!

It’s glorious and precise.

Come run with God and never look back!

by Teresa Jolly

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