Into His Gaze

a painting of God's Gaze

Into His Gaze by Jimmy Canali

A response to this art piece from Teresa Jolly (Salisbury, England):

Into His Gaze –


My awesome God as I gaze into your eyes I see such authority and power! Solid truth and steadfast love shine from your eyes.


The invitation to journey with you envelops me. Your eyes are a blazing fire, your love so fierce and free. When I look at you I see the journey before me, each step representing allegiance and focus.


You are calling out the watchman in us to stand guard and stay alert to the spirit realm. Your eyes burn with strategy and victory calling us to lose all complacency.


The journey is before us with awesome victory! There is no greater battle plan than the Lord’s, its fierce and courageous. It leads us to our freedom and the glory of God.


He is coming soon and it will be explosive! His eyes carry a clear warning to make ourselves beautiful for his return. We must die to self and lose everything that hinders our pursuit with God.


His love is bursting, his glory ready to erupt over the whole earth! This wild fire is going to explode throughout the planet. It will shake the foundations of the earth!

God’s glory and power will flood the nations and tear through the darkness! His love will pour out to the ends of the earth.


“My beautiful bride run with me, let my glory rest upon you as you pledge your allegiance to me and give me all of yourself, my wild spirit is all over you”

by Teresa Jolly

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