Runic Grace Jar Design

64 ounce glass jar, designed to display the meaning of the word seer and runic.

In a moment of creative spontaneity I created the runic grace jar design, when i was done i realized there were, creatures, birds, angels, giants and a story unfolding in my creativity. So without over explaining what do you see? What story unfolds before your eyes? Native cultures often wrote runic symbols on cave walls, or tempels, in their simple designs they were reaching into the infinite depth of the creator and the power to tell stories through expressionism!

Seer written on the bottom of 64 ounce jar.

One thought on “Runic Grace Jar Design

  1. The word “Seer” was written on the bottom, with the “r” almost out of sight. A seer is someone who sees in a new or fresh perspective unnoticed by others. Seers are childlike at heart, and the creator is raising up a fierce group of childlike “Seers” to solve the riddles and bring solutions to worlds greatest troubles. Daniel in Jewish culture was a seer, and so was Elisha, in fact Christ has opened the door for all of us to see! May your eyes be filled with a fresh perspective!

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