Wave of Love – Superior Reality Grace Jar


a 64 ounce glass jar painted with a wave of god's overwhelming love for you and me. psalm 35:9 is quated.This design was inspired by a Belief Project page design done by Matt and Angela Toth. Psalm 35:9 written in first person becomes a declaration of being overwhelmed by the waves of Jesus’ Love for us,

I will be inebriated with the plenty of your house! And you will make me drink from the torrent of your pleasure!

a 64 ounce glass jar painted with psalm 35:9, and a wave overwhelming a man with love.

One thought on “Wave of Love – Superior Reality Grace Jar

  1. Fun Story! Jimmy, it was great to hear what God was showing you to paint on this jar for me. Especially when you described seeing a magical city in the clouds that is bursting with wildly bright and vibrant colors. I love that it was to much to paint. The image of being overwhelmed by His presence and receiving from the Father is powerful, and that it is part of a whole new world/place of God as if He is opening another level of knowing Him is profound. In early January a lady in my church received an image of me moving into a new paradigm with God. She described it as if entering a whole new world or way of seeing things. She described being alive in black and white and then stepping into a place/a new world filled with light a colors like a new reality and a new level of intimacy with Jesus.

    After talking with you about the story, imagery, messages behind this grace jar, I was excited to share it with my wife. It was so fun to share it with her, especially since she had heard first hand the description of moving from black and white to full color. After we had some conversation and joy over the story, I took a drink of water from the jar. When I tipped the jar up, water gushed out all over my face and shirt. How funny! It’s just like our Father not to miss an opportunity to reinforce His message for us.

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