Listen to the Silence

a photo of trees in the fog in indiana.

This is the first week of Creative Initiatives. These are initiatives to grow, stretch, and spark that divine creativity in each of us. In this weeks initiative we will do a activation on listening to the silence and staying open to the voice of the spirit. Two huge keys when entering into the creative process.

We start with truths gleaned from the sage, author, and story teller extraordinaire, Madeline L’ Engle in her book Walking on Water.  In the first chapter of her book L’Engle writes about her creative process. She doesn’t charge into the act of creating instead she sits and listens. Read these quotes slowly, and out loud.

I sit on my favourite rock, looking over the brook, to take time away from busyness, time to be. I’ve long since stopped feeling guilty about taking being time; it’s something we all need for our spiritual health, and often we don’t take enough of it.

Madeline goes on to say that the voice of the Creator spoke to her a message in the busyness of her day, “Listen to the silence. Stay open to the voice of the Spirit” A valuable word for all of us creators. Our creative journey today is going to begin with silence, and breathing. Intentional breathing is a physical act that can align our hearts to receive. It’s important to take time to to yourself and listen, and then from that place we will entering into the act of creating. Heres what Madeline says she would miss if she didn’t take this valuable time to listen.

Good messages. When I am constantly running there is no time for being. When there is no time for being there is no time for listening. I will never understand the silent dying of the green pie-apple tree if I do not slow down and listen to what the Spirit is telling me, telling me of the death of trees, the death of planets, of people, and what all these deaths mean in the light of love of the Creator, who brought them all into being, who brough me into being, and you.

Lets settle in here and meditate on one of Madeline’s prayers, “Slow me down Lord.” Breathe those words in. Say them to yourself quietly. Repeat them. We need time to just be and listen. We need a place away from the business. I know you probably don’t have time to go to a beach or mountain and meditate. So let’s start with a place we can go inside or outside for five, ten, or fifteen minutes and just sit and listen. When your there start by breathing in and out to center yourself. In that place don’t worry about stopping all thoughts from gaining entrance to your mind. Simply Be. Let thoughts flow in and out as you breathe. Next Listen. Not to your thoughts, but to the world your in and aware of. What is creation saying? In this place of receiving from creation ask, what is the voice of the spirit saying? It’s here you will find peace and valuable revelation to engage your creative senses.  I will leave you with one last quote calling you to create,

This questioning of the meaning of being, and dying and being, is behind the telling of stories around tribal fires at night; behind the drawing of  animals on the walls of caves; the singing of melodies of love in spring, and of the death of green in autumn. It is part of the deepest longing of the human psyche, a recurrent ache in the hearts of all of God’s creatures.

Now You Go Create.

Leave a message below in the comment section…What stirred in you? What did you hear? Did this help your creativity?

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2 thoughts on “Listen to the Silence

  1. Yeah Jimmy! I was reminded of that very thing this AM during my worship time. The rush is such a distraction from His presence and His affection! Learning how to slow down, even for a second to remind yourself of all that he does is an amazing strategy for intimacy! Now I just can’t wait to see the creative juices flow…

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