St. Joseph of Copertino

Here is a serving of the aged wine of Christianity. An excerpt from one of the original “gapers” himself Joesph of Copertino. It’s important to know we can honor those who hold different views from ours with out compromising our beliefs. When we drink from the fruit of those who love Jesus with all their heart, we can recognize their greatness and respect our differences. Honor is a concept that works in all of life, with many different type of people, honoring receives the gift of God in that individual, and enjoys their differences instead of judging them.  Joseph of Copertino along with other Christian mytsics don’t always seem to hold well in their language and practices to the grace some of the reformers rediscovered, but we need to recognize their actions were based out of their romance with the Trinity. We won’t be compromising the grace of the finished works, we will begin seeing how present grace is in those who have gone before us. The mystics “finished well” because their source came from the presence God and nothing else. Lets feast on their stories together.

a photo of Joseph of Copertino

Joseph of Copertino born June 17, in a stable in Copertino in the province of Otranto, Kingdom of Naples. He was most known publicly for his ecstatic flights or levitations, of which seventy are recorded by eye witnesses. He also levitated almost daily at Mass and sometimes for two hours! Theres one way Christians haven’t tried to witness to people. Just fly around everywhere!

At the age of eight he experienced his first ecstasies. When at school, he would hear the organ or the songs the teacher practised with the more advanced scholars, he would let his book fall and remain immovable with eyes raised to heaven and lips parted. Owing to this his companions called him “bocca aperta,” “open mouth.”

The Gaper” is a fitting term for Joseph and those lost in this ecstatic state Joseph found himself in.

Josephs life is marked by physical phenomenon and I highly recommend reading about them. The people who wrote them sometimes idolize saints, but you don’t have to. And don’t feel you have to swallow all of the wild things, but I don’t think you will be able to discount them all either. Enjoy Floating, Flying and Soaring!

Written by Jimmy Canali


Quoted from Fr. Angelo Pastrovicchi book on Joseph published by Tan Books.

The best and healthiest source on wild reformers and mystics I could recommend is John Crowder’s book The Ecstasy of Loving God.


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