Creative Pathfinders

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This is a call to all innovators and creators, its time to become pathfinders

Originally the word Pathfinder meant an explorer – a pioneer spirit who was first to set foot in virgin territory, making the first discoveries and drawing the first maps. A trailblazer who was fascinated by the unknown. More recently, the name Pathfinder has been given to those who make new discoveries and extend the limits of human knowledge and endeavour, in the arts, sciences or other fields. They are the curious ones, who can’t help tinkering with new ideas and experiments, just to see what might happen. (Mark McGuinness of

I have personally taken up the call of a Pathfinder.  I want to explore the territory and set new limits for what we consider normal. I do this through videos, paintings, and experiencing Christ in all things. I want to share this with people through those creative mediums and make a living for it. Something that has helped me in getting started in this un-familar and unknown territory is getting fathered and mothered. This comes from many different people with different backgrounds. All of them are men and women of a different spirit, something in them makes me come alive when im near them. Each one father and mother in my life carries in their heart that divine fire that sparks the most true me to come alive and emerge.

A perspective shift that has helped me, is to look at gifted people not as though they have something I don’t but, that they have keys to unlock what Creator God has already put in me. This is important because the Creator will use foolish people, little children, angry bosses, broken people to father and mother us. As well the Creator will put before us the sages, kings, queens, and wild ones, that will inspire us to be great. Will we be ready to hear what they say?

One of the fathers in my life has given me reams of resources that helped launch me into my creativity. And it’s the growth of developing the business side of my creative career that has helped structure and uphold my creativity with longevity. I personally want to see our generation rise up and effect the world with their creative designs, brillant thinking, engaging performances, and rich relationships. We will all need a structure to build our creative careers on though. We need to be business and tech savy if we really want to communicate the message in our hearts well. With that in mind, we all need help, lets look to the author of

Mark McGuinness is a poet who earns his living as a coach and trainer for other creative professionals. He developed a free 26 week course called Pathfinders. This course helps develop the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your ambitions as a creative professional. I highly recommend it as a first step in engaging a path that will lead to innovation in your current career.

A couple things the course covers:

  • the four most powerful types of creative thinking
  • how to handle a creative block – when you’re supposed to be the creative pro
  • the most effective ways to make a living from your creativity
  • why following your heart makes sound business sense

Here’s an outline of the course topics:

  • your career goals
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • career paths
  • networking
  • marketing
  • sales
  • managing money
  • intellectual property
  • motivation
  • communication and influence
  • collaboration
  • managing others

If you are interested in launching out into the unknown waters of being a creator and innovator get wisdom from one whose been through the territory before.

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I will leave you with this guiding word from the author Paulo Coehlo, “When you are focused on your purpose, you are grateful…When you follow your dream, the world aligns…When you agree with who you are, and step into it, you find true happiness.” My prayer is that your heart would point to the true north the Creator has designed for you and your legs would start walking!

If you are going to launch into a a creative endeavor I would love to connect and create!

Written by Jimmy Canali

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