A Vision of a Being of White Light…

a painting done of Paul's Conversion on the Road to Damascus

In March 2010 I had the privilege to join a missionary team to Honduras and Nicaragua. One day while we were working on a farm in Managua with a group of local teenagers, we experienced something that changed our paradigms for ministry.

After we were done working, we were talking to the young men and women about life when we started to feel the voice of Holy Spirit telling us about pain in their bodies and torment in their lives. Some of the boys started laughing and making fun of the way we were ministering.

I personally felt that the Creator wanted to minister and bring restoration to peoples dreams in the night. A handful of the teenagers came forward that had previously been laughing at us but the pain of the tormenting dreams was big enough for them to ask for help. The love of the creator fell on them and they started laughing and then crying, and then laughing. I stood with one boy named Xavier and prayed.

My friend Yasser Sanchez and I prayed with Xavier and felt God moving over him, he began to sway, then cry, when he fell down suddenly. He stood back up after a little while, then fell down again, when he got back up the second time he left and went over to his friends. I felt I should go over to him, so I asked my friend Joel Hill to join and interpret. I could tell that by Joel’s expression that something significant had occurred. The young man Xavier looked shaken by his experience but shared with Joel and me what occurred.

This is what Joel translated of Xavier’s experience, ‘As soon as we started praying, Xaviers eyes opened and he saw a being of white light with a crown appear outside the area we were in. When he suddenly felt himself leave his body and felt as if he was hovering 14 feet in the air with no legs. When he came back into his body, the being of white light came up to him, and he left himself and was caught up with God and the angels. He felt that this was Jesus Christ, a man he previously didn’t consider as loving him came and invaded his life with light and love.

That day changed the way I see the Creator. We never have to live as though Christ is absent, Christ and all of heaven surrounds us, they long to interact and rescue creation from torment. I want you to know I share this because I believe our eyes to will be flooded with the light from the Heavenly King.

Written by Jimmy Canali

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