3 thoughts on “Beloved Grace Jar Design

  1. Oh my, what can I even say about this grace jar??!! My surprise and awe that this was for me. Jimmy not only captured my heart beat for Jesus, but he also was helping me claim daily what is true…that I am the beloved. It is a perfect picture that while drinking out of my jug I can claim truth that “yes….I am the beloved,” as well as drinking in the grace, because so often I’m not living as if I believed I was the beloved. Yet my reminder is that rather than drinking in shame or condemnation that I haven’t lived today as his beloved, his grace carries me. He carries me in his arms and his grace overwhelms me and beckons me back to how we truly feel about each other.

    If you are needing to know that you are the beloved, that Jesus holds you in a tight embrace, that you are the prize….then you better get yourself this jug!! Drink in deep friends!!

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