What is a Mystic?

a photo of a Church Window in WalesPhoto by Jennifer Hickman

What is a mystic?

I (Jenn) have heard different definitions for a mystic, from simple to complex, and most of them seem to create more questions. The language used to describe a mystic is important. Here is how Webster’s defines a mystic:

              A person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.

I tend to see mysticism as pure devotion and love for God that develops from intimate relationship. Intimacy draws us into the mysteries of God, and reveals the mystic realm. Attaining insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge is a by-product of relationship with God.

I believe being a mystic is available to anyone who wants it…anyone who wants to wholly surrender to God.

I have wandered in and out of the spirit realm, visiting various places, and encountering God in amazing ways. Each experience in the spirit reminds me of His unfailing love. I am convinced it’s impossible to separate us from Him. We are caught in His eternal embrace, and interwoven with His life in mystical union. We are new creations moving from glory to glory.

One of my first intentional experiences with the mystic realm took place a couple of years ago with some friends from Wales. I engaged with the mystic realm by focusing on it…much like Paul exhorts us to do when he writes “fix your eyes on the unseen.” It is a “by faith” moment…by faith Enoch walked with God (Hebrews 11).  What we engage with, begins to manifest and engage with us. Bill Johnson puts it this way, “what you focus on, grows.”

So, I intentionally engaged with the mystic realm without understanding it, and found myself above Cardiff, Wales. If my friends from Cardiff had not been there, I would have thought I was making it up. They told me to just see what I can see. I saw the city layout, a river, and fire beginning in a bay and spreading up the river throughout the city. First, I moved above, and then within the city, feeling Papa’s heart for the people of Wales. Everything I saw was either exactly how the city looked in the natural, or fit several prophetic words from people since the early 1970s. This experience opened my eyes to what’s possible with God, which is everything! And all that’s required is faith like a child.

Engaging with the mystic realm is as easy as allowing your heart to encounter God. It’s an internal knowing that we are seated in heavenly places, and have the ability to go up and down (heaven to earth), and to and fro (inside and outside of time and space). Just ask Holy Spirit to show you something about a place, time, or person, and see what you can see! And remember, it’s about relationship with Him…so He might just want to spend time with you.

Written by Jenn HickmanBurning Ones. Click the photo to see her artwork!

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