Sights and Sounds in Down Town Denver

a photo of City Streets by Jimmy Canali

I often take walks in downtown Denver. The architecture, the busy streets, the textures, they inspire me. I walk through the city somewhat aimlessly, just taking it all in. I let my senses become aware of the people, the buildings, the market place. I find a sense of purpose in just enjoying the creativity of life. The life the Creator made for me to enjoy.

Recently after a creative brainstorm session with a friend I took a stroll through the city, listening to David Bowden album Return Return. I felt the presence of the Creator highlighted in the hidden sounds and rhythms of city life. I want to invite you all over the next week to find some time to stroll through a bustling city. If you can go to the biggest city near you, walk through it, enjoy it, then write what your sensing. Just write. Then later come back to it and really create! Share in the comment section what your experience was like!

Here’s a video for all who can’t drop and go to metropolis. Watch this through a couple times instead. The first time just watch. The second time play the video, but close your eyes for most of it, and just listen and imagine.

  • What sounds trigger your inner senses?
  • What images inspire more creativity in you?

a photo of a fire hydrant in a city a photo of a Fire Hydrant

Written by Jimmy Canali

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