Honor is Essential: Body Posture

Honor is key. It’s essential in every area of life. I first learned this lesson when I attended Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. When any speaker came up front to speak, the entire room would stand up and clap in honor of them, regardless of who it was. It was at Bethel I first witnessed a body posture of honor. First with the standing and clapping to receive a speaker and then as one of the preachers would be sharing, men and women would hold their hands palm up, in a posture of reception of what that person was giving to us from their hearts.

a photo of a man with palms up

I want to invite you to become aware of your body posture as you or another are sharing something. Your body posture can reveal a lot about what you really feel. A common posture I’ve observed and done myself is having my arms crossed trying to mentally understand something, which isn’t bad, I just think so much is missed and devalued when we try to mentally figure something out instead of receiving the gift of the person before us.

statue with arms crossed

This can sound very spiritual but I think it should be really natural for us to honor each other. Ask yourself what it really means to honor another individual?

I believe one key to honor is enjoying and relishing in each others differences! I think when we engage in another’s belief not for the sake of arguing with them but to really listen and learn from them, that’s when we honor them. More on this in the next blog!

Now let’s practice this with our friends and family! You might think this is artificial but I recommend trying it. Really, when you are listening to another talk become aware of your posture and open up your hands, try it when your listening to a message or even listening to God and His creation.

For all those reading I would be honored if you wanted to share your heart in the comment section. What are your thoughts and experiences with honor?

Written by Jimmy Canali

6 thoughts on “Honor is Essential: Body Posture

  1. Quote from my upcoming blog, Enjoying Differences, “As artists, mystics, and innovators we must yield to this. We must understand that if we believe, “We have it all figured out, or WE have the best way,” then we have been mislead. No one has the best way! We are in this together. We are all Father God’s kids, so let’s stay child-like in the realms of mystery and faith, but we must grow up in our hearts and learn to honor!”

  2. Hiya. I so agree with you about honouring others and about open body language… So important to communicate listening and therefore honouring the communicator. A good blog.
    Many people will honour only those they feel deserve honour but not those they feel don’t deserve it – when we honour against our inclination, we honour both them and ourselves and God who made them. Honour lifts up and encourages. We also must remember that we don’t have to agree with people to honour them.
    It is a sign of maturity in Christ (and a symptom of a second half of life attitude) to honour those whom we would not naturally honour – the weak, poor, disenfranchised, excluded, dishonourable, those with nothing to give or say, the garbage dump people, the empty, the drunk, the druggie, the thief…
    I could talk on but am just learning to walk on…

  3. Nice one Jane!
    “We also must remem­ber that we don’t have to agree with peo­ple to hon­our them”. An even greater step with those we don’t agree with is not just to honour them but to bless them in what they are doing even though we don’t agree with it. That’s really challenging to how secure we are!!

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