The Unseen Creator

a painting expressing the creator

The Unseen Creator is a painting expressing what the Creator actually creates through a art piece, painting, or expression.

Original $75 (24″ x 48″ x 1″) Limited Time!!! Original available through May 2012.

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Prints avail­able!


Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $5.00

3.5″ x 5″

Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $2.50

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $10

5″ x 7″

Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $8.00

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $25.00

24″ x 36″

Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $100

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $160

24″ x 48″

Lustre Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $150

Metallic Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $130

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $200

30″ x 45″

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $200

Prints come unframed, how­ever we can put prints on stretched canvas’s or in frames upon request. Larger, smaller or odd sizes avail­able. Price will be deter­mined at consultation.

Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print avail­able in Glossy, Matte, Lustre, Metallic.

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