A Poem of a Promise

a photo of a father & daughter

A Poem of a Promise:

Father to Child:

I held your face, my daughter, my delight.

When you gazed into my eyes,

the leaves of my life fell to the ground.

like a child under the oak in fall,

you enjoyed every one.

Each breath of mine

you held in your precious hands like a song bird,

you were careful not to crush me

You blew life into me through

those beautiful blue eyes of eternity.

the wind of your gaze

danced in the garden of my heart

Like in Eden

We Saw,



Heaven Here on Earth.


The Child of His Delight Breathes Him in and Exhales:

I was held by your strength

every beat of your heart

was a poem for an audience of one.

Your eyes colored with life

swirled down–

around and around me,

The pure music of your love spilling out

captured me.

Without words you spoke,

without language you broke

the barriers of death and defeat.

And we played in pure pleasure

as the world of your soul

welcomed me in.

My first word I give to you,


Written by James Thomas Canali in the Winter of 2011 after a dream of holding my daughter.

Also ya’ll check out this video called “Father’s Love!” This is an image of what it looks like for us to play and interact with our Daddy in Heaven with childlike purity and innocence! Get wrecked being His delight!

Video by Renee Lansdowne. Check out more of  her work at:


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