Voice to the Nations

This Grace Jar design is of the prophetic journey a young man Nathan.

“In this season Nathan, you will receive more of the revelation of what Christ did on the cross than ever before. Your invitation from Daddy God is to know the depths of the cross. It’s an ecstatic place to anchor your life in. It is the highest mystical experience in history and it’s time to engage with this event like never before. For you are going into a season of revelation and receiving so you can release to the people what God gives to you. Your called to be a voice to and for the Nations. Powerless and defenseless people will be brought to you, give them a voice. Be their voice. God is giving your vocal cords a whack of His Spirit where you will feel His presence come over you in boldness and fearlessness literally boosting the volume of your voice supernaturally! Your voice is going to go forth to the masses like the great heavy weights of the past, George Whitfield, Charles and John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon. Zechariah 4:10 is a verse for your year! Your going to start walking in miracle and healing power, because you know the depths of the Christs cross.”

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