Sounds Initiative

a photo of The Mad HatterThis a poetry science experiment with the Spirit of the Creator of Sounds! I (Jimmy) want you to take a minute to sit and listen, what sounds do you hear in the earth around you? Ask what are these sounds telling me? Now listen to the world of the spirit…What sounds do you hear coming from the unseen reality?

The poem below I put in three different styles, one with no photos and one with a photo above and one with the words on the photo. I want to invite you to read the first version and ask the Spirit of the Creator to show you the colors, feelings, emotions of the words and sounds in the poetry. Then if you want read the second poem but first take in the photo below and write your own poem in response to the photo and poem. Then if your in for a wild poetic experience read the poem a third time and write another version using lines from my poem and yours. Feel free to put your poems in the comment section below…Enjoy!

(pronounce)  SOUNDS

the earth rhythm beat of

Noisy city SteeTS

I listen to the contours the cadence the Pop Hiss Muddled Muffler of Trains and cars long Looks and city scARS

Stuffed Icons of Image and DreSS and I see

This Long List of Do’s and Don’ts

The Prisons of Long Gone Hope

beat rhythm BANG to your heartS desire

what crashes on the markets place hot wind–earth-fire

Silence Sounds

to the rhythm beat of song and bird…the angels heaRd

Ecstatic Round abouts–The Twirling Torch at rivers edge

Hearts SPOKE This Angelic Company stands as a hedge of HoPE

The unseen silence speakS and Sparks this Party starts where the world is daRk

I fear no man GOD has song sitting song city song this cities song so longs for Hope


free verse poetry about denver, colorado
this is a free verse poem for the city of denver

2 thoughts on “Sounds Initiative

  1. Jimmy! Sensational. I am captivated by the sounds. Here’s my response after reading the 1st one a couple of times:

    Streaming symphonies s u r r o u n d in sound
    the what-was-once deafly profound
    and now
    In the light upon the face,
    the absence of that petty race,
    I abscond from that former pond
    and ascend to the call of no wand-
    er-ing, for
    resting in the arms of
    is this dwelling place face chase-
    away ALL fears
    and draw near IN here
    Effervescent, luminescent,
    ONE who sent (scintillating),

    calling us in seven stages
    up from where I contagious.

    For now I see what I once heard:
    (revelry of the songbird).
    Heightened eyes of heart sound sense
    transcending that man’s common scents.
    High lift-ed
    up from who I wondered was
    the mirror’s shining (past resemblance),

    Giving the keys to
    of living

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