Wind an Interaction with Mother Nature!

Mother Nature! Are your eyebrows raised yet Christians…hahaha! God reveals His character and heart in nature “They have no excuse because they had an awareness of God through His creation. (Romans 1:21 BCJ)” This means everyone in existence can experience Creator God’s heart in the world around us!


I want to invite all you entrepreneurs (Christian and non-christian alike!) into a creative initiative with the nature of God in nature! Which can be very mothering sometimes!


I recently spent a morning driving up into the mountains of Colorado, I was drawn by Spirit God. I was captivated by His wild allure, and I started to drive up towards Nederlands, CO, I asked for some directions at a gas station and soon after found myself bumbling up a dirt road in my 1996 Honda Accord (Thanks Matt and Ang Toth for my Car!). I arrived into Golden Gate Canyon State Park. I drove along the dirt road seeing a couple of truck drivers and some locals walking the paths, but as I went deeper into the park I was by myself with creation.


I got out and the wind greeted me. Fierce Cold Strong Clean Mountain Wind. Spring wind, with the last bite of winter’s song on his tongue.


I started to walk down a path, into a valley, surrounded by the sage king spruce and pine trees of the rocky mountains. I felt like a son walking through my father’s great banquet hall, and on each side were deeds of mighty men and women whose conquest was my inheritance. These trees to me where my father’s great stories, hidden and rooted in earth and seasoned by many spring rains and winter frosts. I emerged from the trees and arrived in a golden valley, a gateway for Niyol (the Navajo word for wind). As I felt  creator speak I could only brace myself, for with every word of His mouth the very creation seemed to dance and illumine His heart for me. The wind sketched lines on the lake before me and the trees shook as Niyol burst through the valley. Oh, the patience of trees! I enjoyed my time near rock, wind, water, earth and tree, enriched by the grace of Jesus in me. And as I drove home I knew I had not just captured a glimpse of God in nature, but God caught a glimpse of nature in me.


A place we all need to reconcile with is nature, it’s wildness and it’s ministry to us. For we and nature are made unapologetically wild and we need to find a connection with the earth we live in. So I welcome you to create and express your hearts with me and in doing so I believe our cadence will find rhythm with heavens here on earth.


I invite you all into the essence and poetry of Creator Jesus. I personally need ways of expressing myself that capture the divine. I love to learn new creative mediums that stimulate my senses. I love to engage with God’s activity through art. Below is an example of a poetic style called cinquain poetry that I think is a great way to practice expression.

Also below are examples of my own type of cinquain poems. They don’t follow the rules of this type of poetry perfectly all the time, but this structure of a poem helps me express with few words feelings that you could write novels about! I put my different poems below with photos. Take time to engage with the Creator with each photo and poem. What do you feel? See? What Inspires you? Then GO FOR IT and CREATE! Remember the next time your outside to wait for the wind. Is it blowing, rushing, swirling, flowing? Take a moment and listen. What do you connect with? What do you sense Daddy God doing?


Here are some notes from,


This style may be written about anything. However, it’s often still used to describe a person, place, or thing. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong about stepping outside the box.

  1. Line1: One word
  2. Line2: Two words
  3. Line 3: Three words
  4. Line 4: Four words
  5. Line 5: One word
  6. This poem is strictly about a specific noun, but not (usually) a specific person–in rare occasions, I have seen them about specific objects. For example, it may be about a cup, a specific trophy, a sport, a sportsman.
  7. Line1: A noun
  8. Line2: Two adjectives
  9. Line 3: Three -ing words
  10. Line 4: A phrase
  11. Line 5: Another word for the noun
  12. This style of cinquain is most easily adapted to various subjects. Feel free to use it any way you like, just stick to the form.
  13. Line1: Two syllables
  14. Line2: Four syllables
  15. Line 3: Six syllables
  16. Line 4: Eight syllables
  17. Line 5: Two syllables


Cinquain Pattern


Messy, spicy

Slurping, sliding, falling

Between my plate and mouth


(by Cindy Barden)

a photo of wind sailing


Force    Energy

Expressive     Ballistic     Vocals

demonstrating  mighty      and  yielding        to  earths       flying


wind - art - expression


Irresistible      Romantic

Writing Painting    Singing

the invisible      love lines


wind on the beach! Color!
~free verse~


you color the sails of our dreams

you take us into the world unseen

God plays your wild music

Our hearts Raised, Awake from the dead–unearth.

our ears give birth

to your violent beauty and the royalty

of the king

who sings

the songs of          Levanter





Colored Song

Dreaming Drinking Thirsting

The dreams of King and Court above


*wind -father and son


Fast   Strong

Laughing    through Lines

Across the Valleys     Indecision of time


What have you captured? What’s captured you? What stories, myths, experiences of wind do you want to share?

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