Christ on the Cross


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This jar is an expression of the outpouring of God’s kingdom, His presence, here on earth when Christ was crucified. The cross was more than a place we are forgiven of sins. It’s a place we are made completely anew, greater than that of Adam and Eve in Eden. The cross is a mystical event that has a voice in us, and in our lives, every second. This cross, where our Christ was crucified was an ecstatic event that transplants us from a grave yard of death to the grace and garden of life. On this jar is a expression of Christ on the cross and a man and woman on each side of him, representing the restoration of masculinity and femininity to its fullness. The city above with spirals in the sky is an expression of the heavens pouring out over our cities and nations. The angel on the jar, is an expression of the gaiety and glee of heaven over this event.


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