Breaking the Boundary

a painted glass jar

I recently got to visit the Clyfford Still installment at the Denver Art Museum. I was their shooting with The Denver Photo Booth Photography and I took some time to walk around and soak in Clyfford’s art work. Clyfford was a abstract expressionist in the years following World War II. I hope to do a small bio of him in a upcoming blog, but to say the least his work inspired. It was rich, and had a depth expressed in color and form that I had never witnessed. I began to research other artists and art movements of the past century and one of the movements known as the Bauhaus from the 1920’s helped free my expression and connection to art. The Bauhaus were shut down by Nazi Germany. But their work still speaks volumes. They were an inspiring movement that began to explore the emotion and spiritual attributes of art, color and form.

Black Relationship by Wassily Kandinsky

The Bauhaus Art Movement also explored the connection of music and art. As I returned to my studio I began to experience new depths of energy and connection. This jar, “Breaking the Boundary” is inspired by the art movements of the past like the Bauhaus’s and Abstract Expressionist’s. I hope to honor those who pressed the bounds of what is considered normal and reached into the eternal realm to express emotion, life and music through painting! This is something I believe the Spirit of the Creator is bringing us into as we find new forms of expression in song and color!

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