Honoring the Kingdom – Fear of GoD!

Fear of God. I want to invite you into a radical meditation of the heart on the Fear of God.

There is a realm all around us, we have access to it, through the Divine’s blood, which is in the Christ. I want to call out the coming of something radical on the face of the earth. That is the movement of the Kingdom of The Eternal visibly on display for our eyes to see, our hands to handle, our hearts to encounter. We are powerful enough to turn this away. But never to stop it! 🙂

grunge splatter paint!

However, I believe we have a choice. (And there are so many choices these days, aren’t there?) We have a choice that we haven’t yet considered. We can stay where we are, and honor what we have, and drink from well we have been, OR we can step into the unseen, unexplored, and unknown path, that is in the Fear of the LORD. This is a place that we as a community have not traveled into. Perhaps we didn’t know we could, or still wonder what the Fear of God is?

Let me draw up a picture, in the days of old when one King would visit another King, he would bring a gift. Now even if that foreign King knew that the King and his kingdom he was visiting was in need of something, he wouldn’t bring it as a gift. Instead he would bring something foreign, something the kingdom he was visiting would otherwise have no access to unless he gave it to them. Now how does this relate to the Fear of God? I believe that meditating on the Fear of God, that is getting to know the Fear of God by experience, anchors us in the unseen realm with the Eternal King. The Fear of God teaches us honor, the real purity of ecstasy, and teaches us things and convinces of truth (reality) that we would otherwise have no access to. When we emerge from these type of experiences we won’t devalue what we learned by boasting about our experience, but we will have the wisdom to bring these foreign gifts to others.

I am not saying we all need to have a radical spiritual experience to be more saved, or attain a higher level of spirituality. But what I want to do is charge US as a community with is to contemplate the Fear of the Lord and the practical function of it in our daily lives. It is a mystical God we believe in, it is also the heart of God to keep us grounded in love with the World around us. The Fear of the Lord is often attributed as necessary for salvation but there is sooooo much more in the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.

There is inexhaustible things to experience and taste in this place of HAPPY TERROR. This is a place that words will not be able to define only what Spirit God can. In this place, we enter into a realization of our constant fellowship with GOD,  our unbroken union with Him, spirit to spirit with the one who made us! You would not be able to experience God if the entity of evil still reigned over you. Get IT! YOUR NOT EVIL! YOUR INNOCENT! Adam made a choice, Christ made a better one. This is important we understand this place of bliss and love. The Fear of God is not depression, and it is not opposed to the intoxicating realm of Dad’s heart, I would say it enhances it! Governs it!

We Live No More by Grunge Artist Alex Cherry.

We Live No More by Grunge Artist Alex Cherry.

In the words of Clarence Jordan’s translation of Paul’s ecstatic proclamation of the good, happy, glorious news,

“Are you unaware that we who were initiated into Christ Jesus’ fellowship were initiated into his death realm? Therefore, through our initiation into the death realm, we are entombed with him, in order that, as Christ was raised from the dead by the Father’s glory, so we too might walk in newness of life. For if we have been fellow plants in the garden of his death, we shall also be fellow plants in the garden of his risen life. We are convinced that the person we used to be has been strung up with him, so that the sinful nature may be wiped out, and we no longer need be addicted to sin. For in dying, one is released from sin’s claim on him. Yet, if we died with Christ, we believe that we also shall live with him. It is clear that Christ, who was raised from the dead, doesn’t die any more. Death no longer has a grip on him. As far as sin is concerned he died once and got it over with; but as far as God is concerned, he lives and lives. In the same way we think of ourselves as being dead in relation to sin but very much alive in relation to God in Christ Jesus.”


a painting of eden


We have Eden in its fullness inside of our hearts, surrounding our hearts, it is the reality we have been anchored in. I would like to say that even though the pleasures of the eternal realm flow through us again, and our eyes are now filled with the light of His presence, we can still dishonor the one who made us, and or His creations. I believe that our hearts need a guide, need a source, a anchor, something massive that we can orbit around, this is where we need the reality of the Fear of God. I hope pop-culture Christianity (especially the growing charismatic, supernatural culture) doesn’t destroy the beauty of the unseen realm. I believe the Fear of God is a dimension of God’s heart that He wants to welcome us into. The ancient oracle of King David went like this,

The [reverent] fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the ordinances of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.


I’m all in. There is no compromise in this place. This place is clean, pure, enduring forever. This was the very dimension that Christ was pleased with, It tripped Him out! (In the Bible gaze into the words in these books Isaiah 11:3 and Psalm 147:11) This requires us to mature. But it’s not our effort that we mature, it’s a grace movement empowered by the dimension our hearts our anchored to! We haven’t been this way before. This way is not popular. But it’s the path we are invited to take by the wild one who made us. This is a place where His person dwells. This is the place of real friendship…really real!

Deeper in!

So much of this was inspired by Justin Abraham of Company of Burning Hearts, thanks man! This is precious treasure!

Written by Jimmy Canali

2 thoughts on “Honoring the Kingdom – Fear of GoD!

  1. thanks company of burning hearts in wales for initiating this!


    This is worth dwelling on forever! Orbiting around the Goodness of His presence by the gravity of the Fear of the Lord! Enjoying the happy innumerable pleasures of God sustained by His holy happy Fear and Terror! That it would be our reality, Jessssuuuusss!

    As one of my friends would say we are Embracing the The Terror of the Happy God!

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