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Become a Entrepreneur!

Join the Ecstatic Expression Entrepreneur and Artist Initiatives to ignite a global interaction with creativity, art, and expression.

Entrepreneur Status

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Entrepreneur Status: Learn the in’s and outs of marketing, promotion, and communicating a product line. Instantly receive $15 off next Grace Jar purchase. Learn to market, promote, and sell products. Includes 2 half hour conversations with owner and producer of Ecstatic Expression on the path of a Entrepreneur and artist, with advice on kick starting your own dream business!  Receive marketing package from Ecstatic Expression. Which will include weekly links, from videos, blogs and articles to promote E.E. products. Post these on your Social Networks for the next 4 Months, and commit to selling 2 Grace Jars within that time. Receive 25% revenue off every additional Grace Jar sold! Receive 15% off Ecstatic Expression Business, Art, and Expression schools! 

Artist Status

Sucha Lefty Brain by ~yasmeanie on deviantART

Artist Status: You become part of the creative team on Ecstatic Expression Studios! You get to participate in creative brainstorm sessions, gleaning from us as we share creative ideas and inspire one another to create. Get a Free 30 minute lesson on expanding your creativity! Receive free bi-weekly teachings on the Creative Process for a year. These will help get you creating, and keep you sustainably creative in your daily life! Also Artist Status will allow you to create your own product line through Ecstatic Expression Studios! Receive 25% off Ecstatic Expression Art, and Expression schools! 

Special Discounts

Receive $10 off your next Grace Jar! When you commit to posting weekly links on your Social Networks from Ecstatic Expression for 6 months!

Receive $15 instantly off next Grace Jar! When you commit to sell 1 other Grace Jar within the next 6 months as well as posting weekly links on your Social Networks from Ecstatic Expression during that time.

Receive $25 instantly off your next Grace Jar! When you commit to selling 3 jars in a 6 month time period. Posting bi-weekly links from Ecstatic Expression on your Social Networks.

FREE GRACE JAR!!! When you commit to selling 5 Grace Jars within a years time you will get your Grace Jar for free! As well as posting bi-weekly links from Ecstatic Expression Studios on your Social Networks during that time.


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