A Community Invitation to Experience the Depths of Christ

a photo of a castle
I want to invite a community of people into a year long adventure into the states of mystic prayer. Holy Spirit has His hand out and wants to take us on a magic carpet ride into Daddy’s presence. This is an invitation to experience God in your day to day mundane tasks.

St. Teresa Avilia was a carmelite nun and reformer from the 16th century who wrote extensively on personal experiences with Jesus in prayer. She talked about the soul as an interior castle. As we experience God in prayer we explore new places within the castle from the prayers of meditation to recollection, the prayer of union, and ecstasy all are available parts of our experience of God. Here’s what St. Teresa says,

I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in heaven there are many mansions. If we reflect, sisters, we shall see that the soul of the just man is but a paradise, in which, God tells us, He takes His delight. What, do you imagine, must that dwelling be in which a King so mighty, so wise, and so pure, containing in Himself all good, can delight to rest?

Before we start diving into the depths of what St. Teresa talks about in Interior Castle let us dwell on the fact that God dwells in us. Let’s remember this while we work, create, play, and innovate.

a painting of mother mary

Excited to journey with a community into the mystic experience of Christ, more to come!

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