Contemplative Rhythms

The rhythms of contemplation can take on the nature we see in the wild.

Sometimes, as we contemplate on The Divine I believe we will find ourselves feeling the texture, moisture, sounds, and sights of something wild and untamed. Perhaps we will travel the path through Eden’s gate.


We enter into His presence and feel the warmth of His brillance like the warmth of the sun.

a photo of sunlight coming through the trees

When we need reflection, we come to Him as a rock face, we climb, we rest, we reflect.

a photo of a mountain top

When we seek Him in the midst of worries, and stress we come to the rivers of The Eternal and bath in His presence.

a photo of a jungle waterfall

When we take time away for solitude we come to a place in Him much like the high mountains. This is a place of vision, a place of His Strength.

a photo of a mountain top

Our very prayer closets can be like waterfalls hidden away in the jungle depths in a secret cave.

a photo of a waterfall in a cave

What textures, sounds, landscapes do you resonate with? If you were to paint the landscapes of your meditations what would they be like? Abstract? Expressive? A Spiritual Realism like Akiane? Feel Free to post in the message section your experience!

a stream in the sunset

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