A New Generation of Expressionists

This jar is inspired by artist by the expressionists and artists of the past.

Expression artwork

Men like Johannes Itten who emphasized self discovery as the key to successful learning. Itten’s work on color is also said to be an inspiration for seasonal color analysis. Itten had been the first to associate color palettes with four types of people, and had designated those types with the names of seasons. Shortly after his death, his designations gained popularity in the cosmetics industry with the publication of Color Me A Season. Cosmetologists today continue to use seasonal color analysis, a tribute to the early work by Itten. Itten was a mystic, artist, and someone who pioneered in the arts.

Johannes Itten artwork

People like Itten need to be brought back into the light, gleaned from and restored as a father to creativity and form.

Johannes Itten artwork


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  1. Some years ago my sister who worked with a cosmetics company introduced me to the four seasons personal colour profiles and I discoverd that as a summer I should cease my attempts at painting Dali like colours and contrasts and work with a gamut of colours that are intrinsic to who I am. In leafing through two books on VanGogh it seems that his autumn colours reflected a personal physiognomy as well and one can see his progress towards this.

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