Ecstatic Expression School: Boulder, CO

Ecstatic Expression School this Friday, and Saturday!!!! Going to be so much fun!!!

Christ's Passion

Location: City On The Hill Church
7483 Arapahoe Road Boulder, CO 80303

Cost: $15

Schedule for the weekend:

Friday 5:00pm: Potluck style dinner together!!

a great time of getting to know each other, and having fun! Bring whatever dish, or side-dish you like!!Friday evening session around 6:00pm:Saturday afternoon session -12:00pm-5:30pm (ish) -please bring a lunch if you don’t plan on eating beforehand

-Dinner break- (around 5:30pm til 7pm)

Saturday evening session 7:00pm:

(Description Intro)

Ecstatic Expression School:
An in depth community experience
on meditation, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking.

Friday and Saturday, August 10-11th: -$15 for the weekend!

This will be a time of in depth training on meditation, and the different states of “mystic” prayer as well as their function in our lives. We will also spend time connecting and activating people to enter into creativity through engaging with their union with Jesus.

christian monastic

Friday and Saturday will begin the journey into meditative and contemplative prayer. We will practice and dialogue about the mystic states of prayer, as well as their function in daily living, and how they can affect our creative process. -We will also have times of engaging Holy Spirit through expression and childlikeness.

christian mystic

There will be special training/invitation into Entrepreneurial Thinking, and how that is expressed in the Kingdom. This will include activations on dreaming, calling, as well as simple steps to building your own business, and creating value that people will invest in. (aka “how to make money doing what you love, so you can help others”, or “how to help others and make a living doing what you love”).

hands full of paint

This weekend is going to be a really fun and special time! If you’re longing to dive deeper in your relationship with God, are curious about the mystical/supernatural, kingdom business building, meditation, creativity, or even just want to experience Holy Spirit in a fresh new way, we’d love for you to join us!!

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