Wounded to War

The wounds of yesterday are becoming the weapons we wield in the war of today.

The very thing that was crafted by circumstance, negativity, brokenness and the thief of life is the weapon thats been formed for you to overcome.

I have had many dreams and visions with snakes in them, today as I ran on sand creek trail I felt Spirit show me that the very assignments that are coming from the thief of life are my breakfast, lunch, and dinner…I imgained a hawk swooping down to feast on the snakes that lure us into fear, and the illusion of defeat, literally the accussing voice became a source of energy and life in the Creator for me.

Hawk with his kill

if you have felt tormented, depressed, anything negative and dark (one your human in a world yet to see it’s restoration in the Creator) and two these are the things Creator would have us feast on. Shingy dingy!

As I finished my run five feet from the trail head was a hawk tearing a kill, I sat on the trail a few feet from this incredible manifestation of who I am in Creator and knew that the door was opening for new possibilities. What if every negative emotion, thought, voice, spirit literally became the spiring board, the feast into the depths of who I am in Creator?! Oh Spirit come show the way through the wildness of your landscape!

 Written by Jimmy Canali


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