The dark night sand of space and time…

Sunset burned with a myriad of color,

inflaming tree and stone.

The stretch of land I gazed over danced with a primitive song,

the song of the Creator, the light of Eden, the place I belong.

Stars rose in the sky if just to capture my eyes, and

the poems of uncreated light burst through the depths of his heart and mine.

and space held this invasion of life

While I traveled along the song of the dawn,

my heart would stroll unsoiled–pure,

into a vast paradise of singing lights and unseen beings.

And the dark night sand of space and time

held each step of skin wrapped around this design

The mystery of my true ancestry,

the Creator’s mind

spoken into the parade of time.

I’m now held captive by those eyes so divine.

Raptured into Life…

the prize,

Identified by Creator’s Christ.


seer, a photo of creation

written by jimmy canali on

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