A Song Arises (A Story of a Song Overcoming Darkness)

scottish green hills

I was taken to a place where the land rolled like waves, green and fresh these grass glades were. Here the mountains usually stood overlooking the land. Today the mountains were in intercession for the world beneath them. For a great battle was about to take place on the plains before their feet.

The dark horde, emerged moving over the hills. Like a ink well spilling the blackness seemed to flow out from one hill to the next, erasing the green vibrancy. The captain of this dark horde emerged speaking as a snake in the world of man. This horde didn’t stand at attention or make any eye contact with this captain but, rather seemed to be controlled by the snake like words.

This dark horde continued to roll in as shadows over the green hills. The horror of the horde wasn’t from anything spectacular or the shadows that walked over the grass field but, the vehicles they seemed to be driving with intent of using as weapons. These were humans, and they were gripped in their hearts by the shadows. Without fight, or expression of free will they marched on, taking abuse from the demons that drove them. Their eyes were lost, staring but unfocused. They were driven not just over hill upon hill but deep within themselves, confused, and darkened by the illusion and lies of the shadows.

Opposite the hills of this vast horde a child emerged from a for­est of trees fol­lowed by a army clothed in color and the lit­tle girl leading them wore a secure expres­sion on her face seem­ingly uncon­cerned with the enemy mass which greatly out­num­bered their army.

little girl moving through the green glades

Confident for one so small, half the height of a grown woman. She stood gazing out over the oncoming shadow she looked focused, she knew she was one with the Creator of stars, and sky and the soil she stood on. She knew the weapons of the shadows were in need, but her heart wasn’t gripped by what she saw in front of her.

Taking a deep breath in, the little girl noticed a little blue bird that had landed on a rock close to her. The bird began tilting it’s head from side to side playfully.Then hoping from side to side to some unheard tune. A smile broke on the little girls face, the bird excited by the success broke into a beautiful song.

The girl laughed at this jester and a unseen choir of birds broke into song. Led by the birds the girl closed her eyes gazing within, into the unseen, into the heavens where her Creator lived. She spread her arms wide, she breathed deep, and sang with a inner thrill of life.

being filled with the spirit

A wind rushed through the small armies ranks and they began to to be raptured away in song noticing not the shadow but the light breaking in. They let out their expressions of life, dancing, spinning and jumping with joy. Laughter and life filled the atmosphere.

The wind blew strong and free, the sun shined warm rays of light. They were alive and free and their eyes were undimmed in the presence of the uncoming shadow for their Creator held their gaze.

a photo of hand in paint

“Turning the Lights On”



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