Life of a Creative: Atmosphere: What Music are You Listening to?

White Light Rain Drops

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Part of being a creative is setting the atmosphere for brillance, innovation and artistry. This can be a fun activity to change up your surroundings and the mood in which your creating. Try some new things!

My question to the community of creatives and those who aren’t quite sure their creative yet, is this,

What music are you listening to?

How is it affecting your music?

your mood?

What helps you create?

What helps you connect to your emotion?

Solstice under the Grey Sky

Photo by Yoko Naito at

 I have been listening to to a couple of musicians that have really helped me connect to my interior life of grief, and of pain. I have struggled connecting to the pain and greif deep in me for a couple of years. I lost my Dad in the summer of 2009 and I was shell shocked when it happened. Now I’m trying to find the expression for what this loss has caused in me. Color, the brush strokes of expression painting and motion have all played a piece for this journey of expressing pain. I can’t get into though without a certain type of music.

Here’s whats streaming through my I-Tunes:

Sarah McLachlan, Counting Crows, Chanda Cooper, Good Dolls, Joe Purdy’s song Just Another Old Love Song, and Not with Haste by Mumford and Sons (Thanks PJ).

What sounds are you listening to?

Photos posted with permission of Yoko Naito.

Check out Yoko Naito’s incredible photography:

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