So What Exactly Is Creativity? (Creative Pathfinder Lesson by Mark McGuinness)

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Drinking from many streams is important as a creative, artist, and mystical people. One of the main streams of inspiration, and butt kicking (getting me to actually create and do the work) has been creative coaches. Mark McGuinness from the UK is a huge instigator and inspirer of creative action!

Mark offers a 26 week free creative that helps creatives extend their inner resources to actually create. It helps us as artists leran the business and social side of our craft, and the lessons and teachings impart the native skills of a entrepreneur.

Recently I was drinking from Marks third lesson in the 26 part series on, “What Exactly is Creativity?” And I wanted to share some wisdom from the lesson,

“Creativity = Ideas + Execution”

This is a huge theme in Mark’s teachings. What I’ve started to learn as a artist and entrepreneur is taking our inspiration and creative thinking into actual lateral action thats accessible and valuable to others is vital. Marks lessons help with this very thing. Mark goes on to say,

“Creative thinking is often the first thing we think of when we think of creativity. But any real creator knows that creative thinking isn’t worth doodly squat unless you do something with your ideas.”

Mark’s lessons as well help with breaking inertiaprocrastination, malaise, apathy and resistance that often creep in subtle and not so subtle ways into the creative process. He also has helpful ideas on rest, and a thing he calls incubating (click here for a article on the difference between procrastination and incubation),

“Creativity is not a linear process – sometimes you can get great results by working hard, but at other times the best way to move forward is to stop completely and focus on something else.”

Another advantage you get when working through the work sheets of the different lessons is the ability to learn and develop problem solving techniques and skills. If your interested in working through the Creative Pathfinder, shoot me a message at and we can work through the lessons together. I would also love to offer any coaching advice on your specific creative skills or creative projects you are working on, fill out the contact form for more info on personal creative coaching.

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