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I was recently on what I call a booting-strapping trip by train to Indiana. I’m on the move, making a living with my creativity and experience as a artist. The train was a time to be set-apart, create, write, dream and meet the other road warriors. I met my friend Erin, a surrealist, cubist, activist and woman full of wit. I met Joe, a reluctant train conductor who is willing to explore his creative side, especially if he can do it for a living, and be closer to his family. And Greg a man, I appreciate for his wisdom and charisma who is a jake-of-all-trades and one of them is leading jeep tours in Ouray, Colorado. I was blessed to meet each of these people, and enjoyed gleaning from their wit and wisdom. While I was on the train I had my sketch pad out and was doodling, cartooning and practicing my jester exercises thank you Jenn Hickman for the initial kick into realism and still life!

Not sure if you have been following this fun cartoon series but you can on my Ecstatic Expressions Facebook page. Enjoy!

cartoon of dog and cartoon of dragon

Cartoon Daily! #5 Again?

cartoon dog, cartoon dragon

Cartoon Daily #6 A Paradigm Shift!

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