Travel: Vagabond Adventures Vol.1.2: Glimpse of Eden

This blog series Vagabond Adventures comes out of my trip to Indiana to work on ceramic tiles for a clients kitchen. This is the second post in the blog series. You can read the first one here about my adventures on Amtrak.

It was my first day in Indiana after, and after a proper sleep I was ready to stretch my legs. I went for a run that morning but it didn’t last long.

I took a path I ran on during my first trip to Indiana two years prior. But when I got to the trail head by the lake. I lost my composure as a runner, and just fell in love, or fell into the love of a Creator who expresses his artistic skills through nature.

Golden Leaves of Fall

Golden leaves heralded into the sky, and would let loose their leaves like laughter falling around the earth. For whether it was just my heart or the very earth around I know not but, I had walked into a fairy tale. A place like Rivendell, or Narnia. I was in a sacred, holy…most holy of places and times. For it’s beauty was in its temporary state. But how this temporary season with all it’s colors of harvest reds, oranges, yellows and earthen browns brought eternity into my heart, I don’t know, but I was pierced by the Creators creative gift that day. My heart was healed though I know not of what.

I walked over the cement crossing below the dam, and into the forest, my running had completely seized as I walked around in the wonder and beauty of life. I had crossed the boundary into the divine. Hundreds of trees, over 60 feet in the air, all singing, expressing the purity of eden. I wandered as Adam did among the trees.

I had to collect what this divine expression. Here is a drink of natures fine wine.

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More to Come

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