New Works and an Invitation to Dream!

This is a page sharing some of the new works coming from the studio as well as inviting communities to dream about creativity.

New Works!

Expression Art on Ceramic Tiles on a Kitchen Back Splash

expression art designs on ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplash

Recently I went to Indiana and completed a ceramic tile project for the back splash of a kitchen! This new medium opens a whole new world of creativity and bringing color, life, and heaven into a home. If you are thinking your house needs some creative life, lets connect and brain storm. Maybe we could do a whole room colored and painted.

For More on the Expression Art and Ceramic Tiles Read:

Another Expression thats growing is Videography. This has been a fun year learning the ropes of video production and post production. From wedding videos to band promotions  It is such an incredible avenue for telling stories. Click on Photo to view Ecstatic Studios videos.

Click on Photo to visit: Ecstatic Studios Video Archive

Dreaming about a Culture of Creativity!

Can you imagine what it would be like if you and your family and friends were all living and running in their dreams?!

What if our kids were empowered in high school to learn to run their own business? What if we were empowered to run a business?

What does it look like for communities to get together and dream and take action?

I want to start dialogues, and brain storms within communities to empower the creative entrepreneur in all of us.

If you, your friends or family members would find value in expanding their creativity, learning how to kick start businesses lets talk! Shoot me a message on facebook or email me.

I’m thinking the future is colorful and full of expression!