Concepts to the City of Dreams

After a recent drawing lesson on cityscapes I was inspired and a vision poped into my mind of piece of art that displayed a city but the city was wrapped around in many layers going ever deeper.

a conceptual photograph of a abstract tunnel city

This use to be frustrating to have a inspired vision of a piece of art but no understanding on how to create it. I have taken a couple days to etch some ideas which I will post on Ecstatic Expressions Facebook Page.  But still was having trouble bringing inspiration into a concept that I could create.

So I went out into the city and studied it. It was helpful to be there in the city, sensing it, feeling it, and seeing my vision being drawn in the sky line before my eyes was incredible. It was a landmark, a inspired idea turning into a concept. Above is a rough idea of what I was seeing.

I imagine this piece will begin to capture that city of dreams, a city of the future, a city of vast possibility.

More to Come!

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