Emerging into the Divine Expanse

a photo of abstract expression personal portrait

I was walking in a Black & White Cycle when you emered with a smile creating in me a universe.


A world, unspoken, yet deliciously alive in your eyes, unseen yet brilliantly alive.


Unheard foot prints I followed to sea and shore. Where a vast expanse lay before me, where sky and water connect and laugh.


And the White Gulls cried that day for a Holy Reckoning in the Harbor of Harmony.


For the sails of this man was born away by sunset and sun rise.


oh i am a captive hope.


The day I set sail I savored the song of the falling stars and infinite light.


kissed by life inside, and Washed by bliss each day.


the red white love will ever stay my course, i will not stray


The anniversary of this unexpected adventure approached when you again came to me, as a typhoon of color and love.


Now declare with words sourced in the unseen adventure of light…


‘I will enter once more into the fray of everyday life and trials, once more, till the lamb within emerges, and the lion learns to laugh, and the crowns on my head are born back into the adventure of wroship. Once more i will rise in the tremors of the mundane suffering.’


A poetic reponse to an expression art piece for my friend Hunter. [a depiction of a mans spiritual journey in life into the creative life and divine light].



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