Artistic Action Day 1 of 400: Foundations

It’s a new season. One where we need to take account for where we are not experiencing creative flow, prosperity, and influence.

I have taken time this year to return to improving the foundations of life, business, and art. Taking art lessons, business coaching, & life coaching. Taking in the last year I’m looking to improve is visibility and marketing.

One thing I’m daring to take on is to post 400 images of my art. Not necessarily every day but I hope to post 400 pages in the next 450-600 days. This goal is going to morph as I go. I might narrow the goal and release prizes and free art through out the process, so pay attention.

For now let this be my public declaration that I’m taking my art seriously, my craft. What makes a an artist is action. What makes a master is a culmination of a life time of action.

This is my commitment to action. I encourage you to take your inspiration, and hidden, dormant dreams and put them out there.

DAY 1 of 400

Watercolor City Scape

This is my second watercolor of the new year. I’m inspired by cities. They represent visual complexity as well as the host of inspiration. Walking through the streets of Denver is one of the inspiration ignitions for my creative genius to turn on.

Community: What actions are you taking this year to make your art seen?

Challenge For the Week!

1. Post your art publicly on Ecstatic Expression’s FaceBook Page!

2. Give a piece of Art away.

3. Post a piece of Art for sale.

What defines art? You tell me. I think preaching, cooking, teaching, creative relationship, painting, sewing, ect. Is art.

[City of Color is $30 fill out contact form if interested].

3 thoughts on “Artistic Action Day 1 of 400: Foundations

  1. I really like this watercolor city piece! -Inspiring colors and format expression.

    -Going to take the weekly challenge!

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