Artistic Action: Mirror the Masters: Day 2 of 400

calvin and hobbs image!

This piece was a gift for my friend Ben. I used a pencil to mimc the old time favorite Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbs. [Calvin and Hobbs’s Facebook Page]. Mirroring favorites and art heroes is a huge step into developing artistic style. I have personally taken on the attitude of following the fathers and mothers who inspire me to create and dream and imagine.  This was my first watercolor piece of the year. I like the blending of the grass and the orange of Hobbs. I like the story of this piece, just going through the day enjoying the light and motion and play of childhood. What stands out to you? Who are your artistic heroes? What type of art inspires you?

Artistic Challenge!

1. Take Action to Create! Find your childhood heroes of the art world. Mirror their work! Post it on Ecstatic Expression’s Facebook Page!

2. Email your hero! Ask them what inspired them to create. Tell them what their art means to you.

3. Promote someone else’s work/craft/career!

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