Day 3 of 400 The Lineage and Voice of Color


This is part of the growing portfolio I’m building to take to the streets. I am mirroring some of the greats Learning from them by spending time in their works. This piece is from the Russian Jew Marc Chagall. A russian born artist, who struggled and overcame in the WWII. He was magnificent in color, form, and depth. My watercolor rendition of his gouache painting was a fun piece to work on at the REI coffee shop in down town denver!

mar chagall biblical interpretations

Looking at this face detail of Abraham and the Three Angels which is on the cover of Marc Chagall’s collection Biblical Interpretations.

I found this ancient face of Abraham alluring, and moving even though stagnant the colors were speaking of life, eternity, heaven. The story of Abraham is an interesting tale of heaven and earth communing even dining together!

Abraham and the Three Angels by Marc Chagall

Abraham and the Three Angels by Marc Chagall

IMG_2888The question is often raised of how to place color, in what manner, in what form, with what movement. But color is innate. It depends neither on the manner in which it is laid down, nor the shape it takes. Nor does it depend on the mastery of the brush. Color is beyond all movement. Only through innate color has movement ever left a mark in history. . . movements alone are fast forgotten.

~Marc Chagall


‘Innate, I shine and move. Planted, I am the seed of imag­i­na­tive thought. The focus of con­tem­plated energy. I sing with him who made me. I dance in the laugh­ter of his rain poured out over me. What am I? Color.’

~Jimmy Canali



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