Year two of Running Ecstatic Expression. The Shift. Plus the Dragon Meets Dog Comic (Cartooning!) Piece 9 of 400

Dragon and Dog ComicsThe daily art is taking a shift. Instead of trying to produce an art piece a day and post it for 400 days, I will be posting 400 pieces/works of art (poetry, painting, doodling, sketching, video, ect.) over the next year. This is a public statement to keep me activated and talking about my art this year. 2013 A year to build the foundations. This year I have taken some steps back from running (full steam) as an entrepreneur and artist. I am observing the landscape of the coming seasons, taking some breaths, finding a new rhythm, and getting the foundations in place. I have developed time management, creative management disciplines to keep on track, and take back control of my time and creative process. (Initiated by the much needed help– from my mentors! Thanks for the ass kicking!) With these steps back, I am finding that the unbalances of the first year need to come into alignment (the star up year was a Kick A year that i am very proud of just learning from it!). Balance = health. Relationships and community interaction was way out of whack. Spending 90-95% of my time in the basement art studio was ‘no bueno.’ Had some great time, and a lot of fruit having created over 500 art pieces! But I need people, I need interaction. I need to explore, and cross-pollinate with others. I realize I want to be part of denver and the arts community. Taking my time and schedule back, I have started and landed a part time job at Starbucks which is so exciting and needed. From stability, to relationship, and community this part time job is exactly what I should of pursued year one of running a business but learning my lessons took some initiative and heeded counsel and got it in year two. I also am starting to plug into different artist and creative communities in the city of Denver! And loving it! My time has shifted to spending 2-3% of time in basement studio, still doing about 20% of freelance work from home, but spending over half my time out in the community, creating, and building relationships. This will shift again as I begin as a barista at Starbucks. With all this I want to introduce the final piece to the Dragon and Dog cartoon I started this past fall. This is the 9th piece of my 400 art work postings! (I will post the whole strip of cartoons together, but I’m off to babysit my sister Meg’s kids!!!) Dragon and Dog Cartoon Dragon and Dog Comics

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