Creative Adventures (Piece 11 + 12 of 400)

Creative AdventuresIt’s been a long time in coming but coming out with official creative workshops. These creative workshops have been the focus of my study, and creative energy and will continue to be a stream of community engagement in the year of 2013.

This is part of my daily creativity. One piece is the brochure and another my talk I prepared.

Below are images of the brochure I made for the Creative Adventures. And an excerpt from my talk at a YL regional overnight.

Thanks Terry for bringing me up and excited to be walking with young life leaders and their kids this year.

You can read more at:

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Excerpt from speaking notes:


Needed Shift in Education

  • Our children are inheriting the world we leave for them. Are we going to continue to go along with the mainstream culture and suppress their creativity and expression of their true designs? Or are we going to teach them to overcome through creative expression?
  • There is a quote in a ted talk with Ken Robinson he says,
    • “All Children are Born Artists and then we send them to school.”
    • (Picasso said, “All children are born artists, the problem is keeping them artists as they grow up.”)
  • Now a days we put kids on drugs, we shut down their emotions, we give them no way to express. At every school the arts are the bottom of the priority list. educational systems are not structured for  creative expression and innovation.

Wanna see change let’s talk creative adventures!

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