Take Flight (A Super Hero Sketch) [Piece 16]


Superman SketchI felt led to create a character from childhood. Through a array of distinct powers and personalities super heroes have their affect on the play and inspiration of young’ns. I once heard someone speak of a child’s experience of the Divine Creator where the Creator said pick your super power, and so shall it be in the days to come! Ha!

Now I hope to extend my research and development as an artist into the super hero, cartoon, comic world even more. This was a initial sketch. Using a 2b & 3h pencil,
and Crayola, and Pentel Colored Pencils I worked my way through this piece. It’s a imitation of a superhero art piece I liked.

Creative Weapons of War

Now Let’s Meditate on superman/super heroes for a moment. Something the Creator has sparked in me is a principal that something can start in the spirit and come into the natural.


The invite from Creator God to me was in the middle of lives crises, and chaos, to fly above the fray into Creator’s perspective, into Creators Power, into Creators Inheritance, a supernatural inheritance, to bring what’s in Creator’s imagination and heart into the natural of everyday life.

So, what in life is pushing you into Creators Heavenly Perspective?! Are you Taking Flight?

Dare to dream big! The expanse is wide before us of limitless possibility. I’m taking flight! Whose coming?

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Art by Jimmy Canali (Creative Weapons of War)







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