Jiminy Cricket, Archy and Mehitabel: Back to the Past [Piece 17]


Jiminy Cricket, & Archy and Mehitabel

This piece features Jiminy Cricket the conscious of many in the cartoon world, emerging first in the Pinocchio cartoon.

Also appearing is Archy and Mehitabel who are characters from Don Marquis (a 1920’s New York Columnist), in his comic strip he animated the story of a sly alley cat Mehitabel, and the poetic cockroach Archy. Archy served as the creative genius for Don in the comic strip, typing through the night on Don’s type writer, by jumping up and down and banging his head on each type letter. He couldn’t do periods of course, having the ability to only press one key at a time. These cartoons were animated originally by George Herriman.

This is the beginning of my study of mixing and interacting different cartoons and comics. The three aren’t interacting a whole lot with each, but hey they are just starting to overlap, maybe they aren’t quite sure the other is their, or more than a background character. hmmm…wonder what this is going to turn out like? Right now, Jiminy is gazing at his badge, and Mehitabel is follow a singing bug.

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You tube Video of the angel, Jiminy, and Pinocchio.

Don Marquis Website

George Herriman’s Website 

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