The Land of The Future: Seeds and Cattle

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These photos were taken in one of my studies of life. Farm and ranch land reveals so much. It reveals a wealthy mentality of long term thinking. For example this land in Boulder County holds rich, and fertile fields to feed the cattle. The cattle increase year after year. A cattle rancher that starts with 5 cattle, will have many times that original number years later.   Cattle like a crops start in seed form, but the life within the original seed holds a whole generation of plants or cattle.

What in your life is in seed form?

That’s the question I’m pondering. There is a lot in my creative and business life that is in my possession as seeds. I am wondering how to sow them into the land.

What about you? What in your life has the potential to grow, and expand, but is in seed form right now?

When we see what we have, and see what stage it’s in, we can invest in it, or sow it, and watch as the seasons pass, and soon we will possess a great wealth. Why is this important? It’s important to hold sway and domain over our possessions and advance what we have been given in creative and diverse ways.

What photos speak to you?

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