Entrepreneurs Journey: Educational Drones vs. Life Long Learners

The Entrepreneurial journey is first a journey of being fathered. This isn’t like the typical business man and woman of western culture, it’s not like the tycoons of the marketplace, it’s about being who we are designed to be, and taking it to the streets (marketplace), but first we need to embrace fathering.

Now we can be fathered and mothered by anyone man, woman, younger, older, book, teacher, art piece even, the point is we need nurturing, and discipline, and we the foundation is relationship and real life application. This is vastly opposed to the current traditional models of education and social structures. It’s about relationship, & life experience. The question as to how we will be fathered is one I can’t answer…but the question still is there, and that’s part of the journey.

So as a father I write this article, to confront a way of living, that is opposed to maturity and responsibility, and true authentic, individual and communal expression and art.

Our culture raises us up like drones in a system, cookie cutter prototypes (exclamation point). I watch year after year, millions stream into colleges, to search and discover what they are passionate about. This is a huge commitment that is never thought out by high-schoolers, or their parents (exclamation point). It’s cost is vast, and that is in the realm of time and finances. Not to mention the cookie cutter factor in a similar sense continues as it did in high school, with a bit more of a variety and specialized cookies.

Education is very very good. I hope we are all excited to learn, even more to embrace a lifestyle of learning. However the spirit or structure behind the mass majority of schools from pre-school to colleges is institutionalized bull. Wow, throw your stone, but it won’t hit, because I’m speaking the truth, and it’s bigger than any stone.

I am saying that I value learning, education, teaching, and degrees, we all should. However, I am speaking against the way we have factorized our education. And after life experience and observation I am judging what it produces. We should all judge the fruit of people and systems. Like a gardener if a tree doesn’t produce fruit, trim it.

We need some trimming north america.

What am I suggesting? A new way? An ancient way?

The way of life long learning, planning, and gaining insight.

Let’s begin with education and take a glimpse at some perspectives for the future.

We need to individualize learning. We need to think like farmers. We need to see the long arc of things. Am I planting a seed of learning that will be watered, grown, harvested. Is what I am teaching or learning needed, helpful, empowering?

Now think through college, why do we go to discover, who we are? I hope you are waking up if your asleep. We should be learning who we are in our teen years and never stop learning, but why college? Why has college become a platform to discover what we want to do with the (exaggerated?) rest of our lives.

A thought, a kink in the thinking cogs of western mentality: Why not empower the youth, (or anyone who is willing), to become entrepreneurs at a young age? Now bring college into the talk to someone who is,

1. Thinking of how they can emerge and advance in the marketplace.

2. Expressing their heart, telling their story, speaking out, and creating.

College/Education becomes something that specifically empowers someone to do a particular thing, and increase their return on investment. Why? Because the person who is now getting educated is saying, this is what I know, and this is what I need to know, so this specific course in college is going to empower me to be more efficient in my work, expression, etc.

We need to value our dollars in time. Do we really get a good return on how we invest our time?

Context matters as well, if we create a context where we are all on a journey of learning, and expressing, and finding value to give to the world around us, then college makes sense. However, have we considered all the alternatives to learning? Read a book? Online courses? Getting mentored? Job shadowing? Interview people who are in different realms of society about their job and art? Do we have to go to college, or specific, college? Are their other options? For most of us yes. For some, they probably need to really go for the specific degree, in a certain place.

The point is, how can we be entrepreneurs if we are participating in a mindless wagon ride of education?

Let’s start the journey of being an entrepreneur by expressing what’s inside us today, and learning in the most efficient way we can.

Creative investments of time, finances, and life are now before us.

How will we invest?


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