The Journey Before You: Engaging Your Inner Life

Welcome to the new landscape of Ecstatic Expressions blogs. 2012’s blogs will be available via the archive link. For now I want to say, It is my joy to bring you into a new interaction with who you are. Who we are as a community of people. If a picture is worth more than words let me describe the current transition of Ecstatic Expression, and how that will help you find your true voice and design.

2012 was learning the different compartments of the vehicle of my art business. Like learning about a car, a horse, or a plane, or even a surfboard…I relate a lot to a train for Ecstatic Expression. If 2012 was learning about the inner details and workings of my train (business and art), 2013 is learning about the tracks, and starting to gain traction and movement, and advance, and find the right direction.

Ecstatic Expression is a artistic, creative, empowering business. As I have been actively walking as an artist and entrepreneur I have discovered a couple things about the marketplace, and life. Some of the biggest revelations have been about community and individual designs. We need to belong somewhere and we need to learn who we really are. My heart has always been to create a place for people to become who they truly are designed to be. I see so much dormancy in others and my own life, of my own potential and design. This is a great starting place, but even before we look to belonging, and later to our place in being ourselves and selling and creating, we need to look inside.

To look within and ask ourselves contemplatively questions, each questions is a journey along the path of discovery and pioneering a new frontier of expression.

Please share your response to the questions below.

First what do you think about art?

1. Which one of these do you relate to:

  • Art is a gift.
  • Art is a inner expression of our hearts.
  • Art is talent, it can be grown.
  • Art is. 🙂

Let’s ask ourselves some simple questions to discover more about our inner life…

2. Are you considered to be an introvert or extrovert?

3. When you think of the future who do you see yourself as?

4. Is silence hard to find?

5. Do you have peace? Define peace?

6. How will you or do you find peace?

Let’s look into our gifting and designs…

7. Are you typically someone who serves, rules: manages, encourages, speaks first (gut reaction), speaks last after you have thought about it, counsels, mentors, designs, teaches, nurtures, advocates (fights for others)?

8. What political, social, historical figures do you see yourself relating to and or wanting to be like?

9. What fictional, story characters do you find yourself being or dreaming you could be like?

10. Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?

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